At “Ubusuna,” we embrace a world of diverse desires, including SM, imprisonment, crossdressing, cosplay, pet play, bondage, collar play, and beyond. It’s a realm where everyone’s hidden inclinations, those desires we all possess but often keep to ourselves, find a welcoming home. The uniqueness of each individual’s preferences is what makes our space truly intriguing. “Ubusuna” is a haven where like-minded individuals gather, converse, and revel in the pleasures of a Japanese-style sanctuary, transcending the ordinary.

CHARGE & PRICE (tax not included)

COVER CHARGE There is a cover charge of per guest

Male Guest 4,500 yen
Female Guest 1,800 yen
Cross-dresser 3,500 yen


Soft Drink 500 yen (some drinks are excluded)
Alcohol 800 yen (some drinks are excluded)

( ※Please order at least a drink every hour )

Drink For Staff 900 yen


Additional charges may apply for the use of supplies and other items in the bar
Such as a candle for 100 yen

( Please ask a staff about the details)


One point will be given for each visit to the store,
and 10 points will give you a discount coupon

Male Guest 2,000 yen
Female Guest 1,500 yen
Cross-dresser 1,500 yen

With the discount coupon, the above price will be
deducted from the charge amount of your next visit.

Rules and Regulations

Drunk customers are prohibited from entering the bar

Please remove your shoes before entering the bar

Please do not speak loudly in the bar

Please interact with other customers in a friendly manner and do not cause any inconvenience to other customers

Please do not take any items out of the store.

Please follow the rules and regulations. If you don’t, you will be asked to leave the bar.

Please do not talk to or interrupt people who are playing

If you play with ropes, candles, whips or any other item, they may leave marks on your body, for which the store or staff will not be responsible.

Please obtain our permission if you want to take photos or movies inside the bar.

Please do not use or upload photos that are taken inside the bar without permission.


Welcome to Ubusuna, the Japanese-style fetish bar.

This space is designed to be welcoming even for those who may be hesitant to knock on the door, allowing everyone to enjoy the atmosphere. Whether you’re a newcomer to fetish bars or a seasoned veteran, we aim to create an environment where everyone can engage in conversations without any sense of superiority, feeling this space as a comforting and familiar place.

Here, we aspire to offer a warm and inviting atmosphere, akin to a hometown for the heart, where everyone can relax and have a good time. If you have any concerns or questions, feel free to talk to Johnny or any of our staff. Our goal is to create a space where everyone can feel at ease, nostalgic, and eager to return. We hope you enjoy your time here.